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Organizational learning


In November 4th, the City Agricultural Bureau held pastoral management of mechanized harvesting machine and garlic operation technical training courses in the Steel City Miao Shan Zhen Yue Sheng agricultural cooperatives, from the town, and Village Lane, etc. Yangzhuang garlic planting area large township agricultural cooperatives president, large agricultural machinery and more than 50 people participated in the training activities.

In the training of experts to the students introduced the city in recent years in the "harvest" garlic mechanization, economic crops mechanization production, mechanization, plant protection, potatoes, herbs harvesting mechanization, experiences and practices and cooperatives "intensive management, large-scale operations and other aspects, imparting technical points of operation the new pastoral management and operation procedures.
After the classroom theoretical knowledge was finished, the training class came to the experimental field of the Yueyang agricultural machinery cooperative, and the technicians carried out on-the-spot operation and explanation.

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