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Operation method of pastoral management machine


Field management machine, which comprises a frame, a height adjustable armrest frame is provided with (air or water) diesel or gasoline engine, a machine frame and a handrail is arranged on the gear box, the output shaft of the gear box is arranged on the driving wheel or shaft can along the track of moving. Heres how to operate the pastoral management machine:
Engine start and shutdown. Start: switch on the fuel switch, pull the adjusting handle out of the starting position, and hold the recoil. (cold weather, winter if the diesel engine is difficult to start, but before starting to remove the cylinder cover on the gas plug, inward add 2 ml of oil. When the weather is cold in winter, the diesel engine should be preheated for five minutes after starting. Shutdown: first) will speed control handle to the idle position, running without load for five minutes of the diesel engine, and then the control lever to the position of "stop", do not use the decompression handle off, the fuel switch return to the "off" position.
Two, management machine forward, turn, stop. Forward, will be put in the position of the clutch handle from the joystick, select [high] or [low] position with variable speed, the throttle switch handle, slightly improve the speed of the engine, the clutch handle slowly into [good] position, make the management of machines. When turning, use the method of pushing the armrest so that the management machine turns. When shifting, place the clutch handle at [off] position, then change the lever to the required gear, and finally put the clutch handle away from the position so that the governor will move forward. Stop the clutch handle on the "off" position, so that the management machine to stop, and then put the throttle handle in the "small" position, shut down the engine.
Method three, plowing operation: the output shaft of the wheels for special iron wheels; out of drag rod mounting bracket on the pin, remove the drag rod mounting bracket; the mounting bracket is mounted to the Coulter management machine behind the connecting frame, add pins, adjust the positioning bolt. By ploughing operations, you can move the regulating handle to partial tillage plow, plow about adjusting angle, can rotate the hand wheel adjustment, the plough body moves up and down, change the plough angle, in order to change the depth of ploughing.
Four, rotary tillage operation method according to the soil condition, select the appropriate tillage gear and resistance bar height, under normal circumstances, choose the soil fast file, to increase the resistance bar after several times of farming. The soil is hard to choose a low gear and a resistance bar down, at the same time in farming, to increase the downward pressure on the arm, in order to reach a certain depth; to each field unit of work; work to the edge of a U-turn when the lift handrail and resistance bar, people in the back and push the handrail to achieve a U-turn.

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