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Cultivation of the greenhouse without dead ends


See in the street after the village vegetable greenhouse Jin Shui Jin water vegetables cooperatives, 50 cm wide and 80 cm radius, under two can lift, 1 individuals can operate "pastoral management" in the free operation, deep plowing, weeding, fertilizing, ridging...... In the area of only 1.2 acres of greenhouses, the management function of farming without dead ends. Although small size, light weight, but the horsepower of rural management machine is full of power, it is understood that the engine is "gas machine", horsepower up to 38 kilowatts, deep plowing more than 15cm of the land. In the past people shed, large machinery to go into the studio, a 4 person, 5 days to turn out a everywhere, now enough equipment 4 studio to take turns using, can shed a few hours after each turn, it is to save a lot of things!" After the village farmers said happily.

The cold winter is coming, covered with straw mats and quilt for greenhouse heat preservation has become an important task of vegetable production. The first batch of cooperatives built 44 greenhouses, each canopy 80 meters long, 11 meters wide. In order to maintain the temperature of each roof, 80 meters long quilts every day to night on the cover, open during the day. "If there is no shutter machine, artificial roll quilts need 3 hours, every day such a roll, too difficult."." After the village, "the first secretary," Bi Hai said, now installed on the rolling machine, a shed in just 10 minutes on the roll.

Bi Dahai is the Pingyin County Agricultural Bureau management station, Kam street in water after the village as first secretary, he used the new project of the Provincial Agricultural Bureau this year, for the facilities of Agriculture Mechanization demonstration park construction funds for the village, while providing convenience for vegetable cooperatives operation, also to the farmers promotion of mechanization farming technology. It is understood that these mechanical equipment usually placed in the unified management of cooperatives, farmers need, there will be the guidance of technical staff use.

Bi Dahai said: "the development of agricultural machinery is directly related to the economic conditions of the country and the countryside.". In the developed countries, especially in the United States where the agricultural labor force is very little, the agricultural machinery develops to large, wide, high speed and high productivity, and gradually to the automated transition. Electronic technology, micro electronic computer technology and other advanced science and technology are widely used in agricultural machinery products and their design and manufacture. The level of agricultural productivity Chinese is still low, the urgent need to promote the popularization of agricultural machinery, agricultural production scale, standardization, intensification and industrialization, improve the utilization rate of agricultural labor productivity, land productivity and resource. In particular, small agricultural mechanization equipment plays an increasingly important role in agricultural production." At present, the rear village in the greenhouse full of Eggplant and pepper, cooperatives to implement unified seedlings, unified technology, unified management, unified sales, large-scale, industrial development approach. In the village to build shantytowns each shed subsidies 5000 yuan, the second batch of greenhouse construction will start soon, after the sea said, strive to build the organic vegetable demonstration base after the village of Pingyin county is the largest, make science and technology to help farmers get rich.

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