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Agricultural Machinery Bureau to help


On the morning of July 4th, the Agricultural Machinery Bureau helped the group to help Ryu Jin, a large village in the village, sent 11 rural management machines, which were welcomed by the villagers in the village. Pan village Party branch secretary Pan Xingbo hold agricultural Secretary Jian LAN Yongs hand excitedly said: "at a time when it is corn weeding fertilizer, my village migrant workers more rarely in farming farming, pastoral management to the village you sent, which can also weeding fertilizer, really gave us the village to solve a big problem."

In order to carry out the "three double" Huimin activities, County Agricultural Bureau to take the village, helping cadres and workers home visits to observe the people, listen to public opinion, worry to help people to. For the production and daily lives of ordinary people to solve substantive problems. When about to help the village masses field management lack of labor, Agricultural Bureau for the village people to send pastoral management 11 machines, and the scene for farmers on the pastoral management operation, use and maintenance should pay attention to the problem, solve the problem of substantial for the people.

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