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Maintenance of garden management machine


Chinese is an agricultural country, and accounts for a large area of hills and mountains, small plots, undulating, suitable for the use of small equipment; in addition, the scale of operation to the family oriented, need small machines; with further adjustment of agricultural planting structure, crop area gradually reduced, the economic crop planting area increased, especially in Greenhouse in the rapid development, determines the potential market for multifunctional pastoral management Chinese is huge. What matters should be paid attention to in daily maintenance of garden management machine? Heres a detailed introduction.
(I) preparation before commencement;
1. before work, check that the engine and transmission oil is adequate.
2., check the parts, confirm the location of the operation when flexible, check the parts of bolts, nuts are loose, fall off or leakage phenomenon.
3., check fuel (Note: diesel engine should use more than -10# diesel in winter).
4. check the cooling water (diesel water cooling engine). 5. check whether the clutch is in separation.
6. turn on the fuel switch.
7. open switch (gasoline engine)
8. pull off the choke (when the gasoline engine starts the cold car).
(two) start up
1. when you start the engine, you must grip the start handle correctly.
2. when the engine starts, it shall operate strictly according to the starting method specified in the supporting power manual. If the operation is not performed in the proper way, causing personal injury or damage to the machine, we shall not be responsible for the operation.
(three) safe operation;
1., in order to ensure the normal operation of the engine, and extend its service life, the engine must be empty after running 5-10 minutes to start the work, 10-20 minutes before the start of the work, it is best not to high-speed and heavy load work.
2., the use of plowing tools, you must confirm the symmetry left and right, otherwise it can not be used properly.
3., the main handle, the left side of the acceleration handle, used to control the engine speed, down (or outside) to accelerate, and vice versa.
4., hang the required gear, light throttle, slow push clutch handle, the machine is to start farming, thumb with clutch handle, the back of the clutch is automatically separated, the machine stops working.
5. holding the upper and lower or left and right adjust the handle, you can adjust the handle, left and right, high and low, adjust to the appropriate position to release, the handle automatically locked in the desired position.
The 6. transmission lever is in neutral position, the car will not move, according to the indicator on the gear indicator and the required operation, select gear.
7. the direction of rotation of the cutter is (against the belt) counterclockwise.
8. the partial furrow opener (red) in the fittings is very advantageous, especially for edge operations and drainage operations.
9., the tool must be symmetrical.
10. after installing the ditching tool, be sure to lock the locating bolt.
11. when ditching, remove the rubber wheel and mount the iron wheel.
12., when digging, because of stones or obstacles, the machine will suddenly rebound, please note.
13. trenching operations can be repeated many times, a little deeper, until the requirements.
14., trenching operations, width of 25 cm below, depth of 15 cm or more work, if the machine does not reach the speed, the machine will overload, so please pay special attention to the operation method and operation safety.
(four) maintenance
1., the new machine must pass 60 hours running in period, during the running period can not work at high speed or over load.
2. engine, gearbox new machine originally used 15-20 hours after the replacement of lubricants must, after every 50 hours to replace oil once the oil is hot, the best.
3. engine maintenance, please refer to the instructions of the supporting engine (should be in strict accordance with the provisions of the lubricating oil mark the use of engine oil).
4. should be strictly in accordance with the necessary power that method stipulated in the regular cleaning and replacement filter (air filter, fuel filter, oil filter).
5. each cable and moving parts must be filled with lubricating oil every 30-50 hours.
6. in the process of use, pay attention to refer to the following form for routine inspection and maintenance.

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