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Rural management machines, a set of ten people


Recently, a mushroom in the village of Anren County, Dayi County, surrounded by large fields, looked at the curious villagers, and the farm machinery bureau of the County Bureau of agriculture was working on the small rural management machine (pictured above). I saw the technician side edge model: "the thickness of clods are adjustable, watch it, and spray tube, can be sprayed water and medicine; water can be pumped......"
Farewell to artificial planting history

It is reported that the County Agricultural Bureau to support the mushroom grower, yesterday in the town of Anren, Korea town scene put 15 sets of tailored pastoral management, after more than 10 people in the field of mushroom to accomplish, to such a small machine can fix, mushroom county began to bid farewell to mainly rely on artificial labor history, go on the road of specialization of mushroom cultivation. According to the Dayi County Agricultural Bureau, responsible person, the main on the 15 machines to the Korean field, Anren two town 15 households planting mushroom, vegetables more than 20 acres in large plantations, by the government signed a contract with the management and farmers, agricultural bureau responsible for technical guidance and supervision. This year, will continue to launch suitable for mushroom production, mixing mixer, seed bagging machine and waste treatment equipment, such as 3 types of 12 sets of machines, coupled with yesterdays machine, the total value of more than 16 yuan.
"And save money, just just"

In Anren on the scene, Anren Guan Feng Village Zhang Lianming according to the technical personnel of the operation of the machine to show, full of praise for this little thing: "small, light, playing just fine soil, is suitable for our kind of mushroom!" Mushroom grower Liu Tian wellav cheerfully told reporters, before the mushrooms, the price of 15 yuan per day please dig broken soil, an acre of land to please a dozen people a day to dry after digging, the machine only need to burn 1 liters of gasoline, one operation can be completed, and save money, literally "the most! I wanted to expand, but I was afraid it would cost too much. Now I can use it as a help!" The planters who were brought to the garden management said they would lend them to their neighbors when the machine was free, so that everyone could feel the convenience of mechanical farming. According to the County Agricultural Bureau technician introduced, a rural management machine controllable tube 50 acres of land, per acre for farmers to save 40 yuan cost.

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