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Gasoline planter


 Gasoline planter

Suitable for Carrot,Ternip,Chinese Cabbage,Baby cabbage,Broccoli,cabbage,coriander,beet,onion,Spring Cabbage,Spinach,Chinese flowering cabbage,lettuce,smallage,scallion,Cole,Cole flower,Foeniculum vulgare,Amaranth;Quinoa,millet,sorghum, barley,wheat, Alfalfa;ginseng,gen-seng,pseudo-ginseng,Platycodon grandiflorum;Cherry;Red bean,Peas


1.  Improved Scientific Design: Due to adding the auxiliary device,when the brush sweep out the seeds,the seeds fall on the limber filler firstly. Just for the cushion,avoid the seeds backup and protect from damage. In this way, the Plant spacing is uniform, Seeds qty  is stable.




2.  Aluminum Seed Drill: The seed drills are made of Aluminum,That can avoid the seeds producing static electricity when the seeds falling down. Without static electricity,the seeding space will be uniform.




3. The seeder can sow  seeds with Dia. 2mm to 13.5mm.  Such as Cucumber, cabbage, green onion, carrots, beets, onions, spinach, green bamboo shoots,  asparagus, sunflower, lettuce, celery, Rape, chicken feather, pepper, white cauliflower, broccoli, rape, millet, soybeans and herbs etc. Precision seeding—1 pcs seed per hole or Multi seeds per hole, depending on your requirement.


4. The plant spacing depends much on the seed drill and gear. Sure,the land leveling and walking speed also have an impact on the plant spacing.

   When place order, Kindly pls tell us following information:

  1) Dia. of seeds, what vegetables?

  2) Row spacing,Planting spacing,Seed Qty per hole?

 5.Ditching,seeding,soil covering and repressing can be completed at one step.

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